Quick Tips To Protect Your Valuables

Quick Tips To Protect Your Valuables
Alarm Systems Perth are the best in not only providing alarm systems to protect your house against burglars but we also are the best in giving you information on how you could do simple steps to further increase your chance of being burglar free.
  • Always lock your windows and doors using strong, reliable locks. This will stop intruders coming into your house, office or car. This tip might be seen as being the most sensible thing to do but it also is the most forgotten step.
  • Keyed doorknobs and deadbolts are recommended to keep your home from being easy to get into. By doing this only the people who are meant to gain access will. Leaving the unwanted intruders out of your property.
  • Install locks on your windows, or insert a diagonal nail or eyebolt through both window frames to lock the windows from the inside. Again proving it extremely hard for your property to get broken into.
  • If you have sliding glass doors, make sure to have locks in place, and put a metal or wood dowel in the track of the closed door to keep the door from opening, even if the lock fails. An old trick that works like a charm. Doesn’t take much effort from you but proves very useful.
  • Finally the most important tip. To install an alarm system that will alert you when your house is getting broken into. 80% of break ins where conducted when people were at home. By having a perimeter alarm system you will be alerted if an intruder is present.

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