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Our Services

Wide Range of Security Services

In addition to providing home security, we make home life a little easier by upgrading your technology through intercoms, air conditioning and more. Our miscellaneous services include both sales and installations for each of the systems mentioned below.

  • Intercoms

    Communicate with family members from different rooms in your home or grant access to your home through a sophisticated intercom system provided by EF Electronics.

  • Smart Wiring

    Allow us to wire your residential or commercial property for cables, speakers, antennas and more. We take the hassle out of large jobs, so let us serve you today.

  • Home Builder Alarm Packages

    We provide home builder alarm packages, or wireless systems, that greatly enhance the security of your property. Learn more about these systems by giving us a call.

  • Air Conditioning

    Life is better with indoor temperature control at your fingertips. We provide air conditioning installations so you can keep cool in the heat of Perth.

Making Home and the Workplace a Safer Place to Be

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Stop On-Site Theft on Your Worksite

Stop on-site theft from happening on your worksite or building. While EF Electronics works with residential building owners, this service is especially useful for builders searching for a temporary alarm system for their build site. We provide security systems that are fully wireless and can run on their own battery source for up to three months without needing a charge. Other features include SMS text notifications and a very loud internal siren. Get a free quote for your service today.